The only kitesurf school affiliated with IKO on the island!

So after the Kitesurf School internship you will get a license IKO (International Kitesurf Organization) allowing you to rent equipment when you reach the level 3K (Riding upwind). Your online certification becomes your passport to continue your IKO training wherever you want in the world. Your IKO account will also allow you to watch videos and access educational tools to progress through the IKO curriculum. Learning kite in an IKO certified kitesurf school is a guarantee of a quality education, fun but terribly effective.

Established in 2001, the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) has grown from a 2-man vision for a safer development of the sport to the largest kiteboarding organization in the world. The IKO now has an active community of more than 100,000 certified kiters, 4,000 qualified Instructors and 250 affiliated Centers in over 60 countries, we are proud to be the only IKO Kitesurf School on Koh Phangan Island.

Our mission is to strive for the safe and sustainable growth of kiteboarding by empowering people to experience the sport with confidence.

check directly on the IKO website by following this link below

Kitesurf School IKO Kite Center

Our IKO Kitesurf School Accredited Courses

The Discovery Package

The discovery course is perfect for those who are eager to explore this new and exciting sport by learning the basic skills. It is also for those who just want to have a fun and thrilling day. One of our popular Kitesurf School Packages

Duration: 3 hrs We always teach in groups of max 2 people. If there would not be any other student at that time you get a private lesson for
the same price = 2hrs

Price: 4000 baht per person

Full Beginner Package

We have some of the best kite conditions in the world for beginners to learn this amazing sport in the whole world! The conditions are perfect. Our flat
water lagoon is great for absolute beginners and advance riders alike! Join our Beginner Kitesurf School Package Today!

Duration: 9 hrs – Spread over 3 days (3hrs per day). We always teach in groups of max 2 people. If there would not be any other students at
that time you get a private lesson for the same price = 6hrs.

Price: 11000 baht per person

Advanced Package

Refresher/Improver Course

Be independent, learn to jump! Our 1 day refresher/Improver course will get you where you want to be with our experienced Kitesurf School IKO Instructors.

2h private class – 4,000 thb

Kitesurf School North Brand
Kitesurf School ION Brand
Kitesurf School Dutone Brand

Our IKO Instructors


Kiteboarding Instructor Fat

Iko Kiteboarding Instructor
Age: 40
Languages: Slovenian, English, French, Spanish, Croatian, A Little Bit Of German.
Country: Slovenia
Passionate And Pro Kitesurfer Since 2005


Kiteboarding Instructor Riko

Owner, IKO Kiteboarding Instructor
Age: 38
Languages: French, English
Country: France
Kite surfing And Passionate Since 2012


Iko Kiteboarding Instructor
Age: 36
Languages: French, Italian, English
Country: France
Pro Rider Since 2005

Latest Students